Oso Libre grass fed Black Angus Beef (exclusively for wine club members). It's official we are now approved and able to sell our Angus beef! Individual cuts of beef  will be for sale in the tasting room starting in July. Futures signup for our USDA certified beef products for release in December 2010 is easy. Simply email Chris orthe winery and we will send a confirmation with prices and selections (Oso Libre website will soon have a detailed beef page). We have 60 acres available for our Angus which limits our annual beef herd to 30 head. This means we can only process 4 to 5 animals per year.

These stress free animals are home grown on pasture grasses that include a variety of protein rich forages. We then pasture finish the yearlings for 60 days on a ration of marbling producing grass, alfalfa and sweet molasses. The beef is then dry aged for at least 30 days. Our Angus cattle are not given any hormones or growth stimulating antibiotics. Each vacuum-sealed, individually wrapped steak is now tender, well marbled, lean and frozen at zero degrees Fahrenheit. Often a glass of red wine, New York steak, sharp knife, fork, napkin and plate is all the tools we need to fix the problem!