We try to do most of our winemaking in the vineyard by (among other things) understanding the importance of the relationship between our wine grape canopy and sunlight. Wine, simply put, is a product of sunlight. How we manage our canopy microclimate is one of the most important factors and influences on the value, yield and unique qualities of our estate wines here at Oso Libre. Our most referred to resource is the worldwide read handbook titled: Sunlight into Wine, written in 1992 by Dr. Richard Smart and Professor Mike Robinson.

We were honored and blessed to have a visit to our winery and vineyard from Dr. Richard Smart in June 2010. Attending was myself, our son Jeff, our consulting winemaker Michael Barreto and Hilary Graves a local winegrower, winery owner and viticulture expert. We thank Hilary for arranging the meeting as she studied under Dr. Smart and has given us great advice as well. Proper canopy management is a continuous challenge and learning process. We listened carefully to the good news he delivered as well as his constructive criticism. Our goal is that our vines thrive and our future estate wines continue to improve in balance and taste as well as represent the unique terroir and viticulture practices in our vineyards.