We have heard it so many times, “We just received our wine shipment last week and we already drank all of the wine!  We couldn’t help it...”  Well, we certainly understand the temptation and that is why we are producing wines that you can drink everyday and not worry about popping the cork on something that you may want to keep for a special occasion.  Our new label is called “El Paso del Oso.”  It is a line of value priced, oak aged, mature wines that are meant to be enjoyed now.  This first release is two vintages (2009 & 2010) of three wines, a Bordeaux Blend called Grande, a Pinot Noir called Valor and a Syrah blend called Revolución. Grande is exceptionally interesting and complex as a blend of Cabernet Sauvignon, Merlot, Marbec, Cabernet Franc and Petite Verdot.  Many of you will note that Valor is our first ever Pinot Noir.  In a departure from our Paso Robles program, these wines are crafted with fruit from Santa Barbara County.  Oak aged for over 3 years, these wines are very mature and ultra smooth and will be available in March.  We will be bottling our Estate Wines and other Paso Robles favorites like Carnal and Osezno later this year.