On the back of our property near the creek and stone house that we are partially restoring. The home was relocated a mile from here up on Jensen Road in the 1950s. We are told that Jessie James stayed in this home here at Oso Libre in 1867 while visiting with his uncle Drury Woodson the founder of Paso De Los Robles then known for it's healing hot springs. He was on the run from a posse after robbing a bank in Kentucky. Three different generations of the Dyck (the county creek is called Dyck creek) family, all Mennonites passed down the legend that gold is buried down there by the creek. Local Anna Dyck is the great granddaughter of the Dyck family that owned this property in the 1800s. I will settle for finding an old horseshoe or antique coffee pot. That does not mean I won't be bringing a metal detector just in case! !