Oso Libre does it again!

We walked away with 5 gold medals from the 2015 Critic's Choice International Wine Competition.

Results for the Craft International Wine Competition

This years results for the Craft International Wine Competition are in, and the '07s take Gold!  The '07 Jovis and '07 Grande wowed the judges.  Jovis is on the tasting menu, and both are available for purchase in the tasting room.  Be sure to stop by and see for yourself just how delicious these long-aged wines are tasting.  

Oso Libre wins more top awards at important California wine competiitons!

San Francisco International

  • GOLD - 2012 Vino d'Oro Chardonnay, 7/14
  • GOLD - 2010 Grande Bordeaux Blend, 7/14

Orange County

  • GOLD - 2011 Nativo Estate Primitivo, 6/14

Central Coast

  • GOLD - NV Por Vida Estate Blend, 6/14
  • GOLD - NV Primoroso Winemaker's Blend, 6/14

Long Beach Grand Cru

  • GOLD - Chairman's Best of Class - 2010 Grande Bordeaux Style Blend, 8/14
  • GOLD - Chairman's Best of Class - 2011 Nativo Estate Primitivo, 8/14
  • GOLD - N.V. Primoroso, 8/14

It has been a remarkable awards season for Oso Libre

The Wine Enthusiast will publish the following in thier September issue:

94 Points - Editor's Choice - NV Rojo del Patron

92 Points - Cellar Selection - 2011 Carnal G.S.M.

90 Points - 2009 Reserva Bordeaux Style Blend

90 Points - 2012 Volado White Rhone Style Blend

90 Points - 2012 Vino d'Oro Chardonnay

LA International Wine Competition

Los Angeles, CA.  In a major sweep of awards at the LA International Wine Competition, Oso Libre took home 11 medals including 5 golds and one Best of Class for our flagship Estate Cabernet Sauvignon, 2010 Quixotic.  Gold was also won for our new line of Stelvin enclosed, value wines 2009 & 2010 Grande Bordeaux Blends.

BEST OF CLASS, GOLD MEDAL - 93 Points   Cabernet Sauvignon, Estate, Quixotic, Paso Robles 2010
GOLD MEDAL – 92 Points Cabernet Sauvignon/Syrah Blend, Primoroso, Paso Robles
GOLD MEDAL – 92 Points Cabernet Sauvignon/Merlot Blend, Querida, Paso Robles 2010
GOLD MEDAL – 92 Points Bordeaux Blend, Grande, Central Coast 2010
GOLD MEDAL – 90 Points Bordeaux Blend, Grande, Central Coast 2009
SILVER MEDAL Dry Red Blend, Estate, Por Vida, Paso Robles
SILVER MEDAL Bordeaux Blend, Estate, Reserva, Paso Robles 2009
SILVER MEDAL Rhone Style Blend, Carnal, Paso Robles 2011
SILVER MEDAL Dry Red Blend, Revolucion, Central Coast 2010
BRONZE MEDAL    Primitivo, Estate, Nativo, Paso Robles 2011
BRONZE MEDAL    Rhone Style White Blend, Volado, Paso Robles 2012

Paso Robles Named Wine Region of the Year 2014 by Wine Spectator

The world is now enlightened to what all of you already know, that Paso Robles is a World Class Wine Region.  The best-kept secret in wine is out!

“The purpose of Wine Enthusiast’s Wine Region of the Year award is to recognize not only excellence in wine quality, but also innovation and excitement.  This California region has reinvigorated itself with new blood, creativity and rapidly improving wines.
Wine regions far more famous than Paso Robles produce great wines, but few places exhibit the spirit and can-do positivity of this Central Coast appellation. It’s not easy for a wine region to reinvent itself, but Paso is doing it with flair. Put another way, it’s the region to watch.” Steve Heimoff, Wine Spectator, November 2013

We are proud to be a part of this community and are always looking to support our neighbor wineries and growers.  Many of you have been referred to other wineries by our staff because there is so much great wine to enjoy.  We are fortunate to have excellent restaurants, hotels and tourism services.  It also doesn’t hurt that San Luis Obispo County is such a beautiful and diverse locale.  We believe it’s the team effort in Paso Robles that makes for our collective success.

2011 Awards

2008 Carnal GSM wins GOLD at the San Francisco International Wine Competition 2011!
We also won a SILVER Medal for:2008 Primoroso Winemaker's Blend

2008 PRIMOROSO has won yet another GOLD Medal, this time at the 2011 Orange County Wine Competition!
We also won SILVER Medals for: 2008 Nativo Primitivo and 2008 Carnal Rhone Style Blend

Everybody's favorite, 2008 PRIMOROSO wins GOLD at the 2011 LA International Wine Competition!
News just in that we also won SILVER Medals for:

  • 2009 Vino d'Oro Chardonnay
  • 2008 Nativo Primitivo
  • 2008 Carnal Rhone Style Blend
  • 2008 Osezno ZInfandel

Ok so what is new here? Plenty!

We have 9 new lambs born in the last 10 days to add to our vineyard fertilization and weeding team which starts again after harvest. We also have 2 new friends Cuzco and Quito our male Alpacas. They are here to eat, fertilize and protect our sheep from predators. 

Finally summer is here and the vines are growing and fruit set is complete. Summer heat came late this season so we have thinned our vines 2 times already to promote ripe fruit with good tannins. We have won 3 GOLD medals, seven SILVER medals and 4 bronze medals all this month. Paso Wines are so good now and the world knows it!!

April 13,2011: Last week we pruned all of our vines. The cane cuttings are left on the vineyard floor in every other row that we alternate every year. After bud break we will move the sheep out for the growing season. In May we will chop up the cane cuttings with our flail mower allowing them to break down and go back into the soil. With a little help from the skies above new shoots will soon emerge on the fresh spurs hopefully bringing healthy and balanced fruit. The intensive vineyard management season starts right now and will not stop until the day after harvest (usually mid to late November). On the back 60 acres we have just removed the 2 rams (sheep) and if they did their job we will have 16 pregnant ewes. By July we hope to have 20 to 25 new lambs to add to our vineyard management team for next year. The Angus bull has also been removed from his harem of 16 cows. With some luck we will have 16 new calves by years end.

March 30, 2011: We have received over 46 inches of rain this season here on our ranch. Being only 11 miles from the ocean is why we usually get as much as two times the rainfall as in downtown Paso Robles area. This rain when it arrives between November and April is what we as farmers dream about. It will help set our vineyard roots deeper into the ground. As summer warms us up and the moisture in the ground drops the roots will get a greater workout or exercise, stretching and working harder to grow deeper to reach the available moisture. We will not need to water for an extra two months or more so instead of weaker shallow roots (Pee Wee Herman) we will have deeper stronger roots (Arnold Schwarzenegger). Also our Angus will have food (grass) for an extra two months as well. Finally equally as important the electrical energy savings will save us and the environment as water pumps will remain off. 

We have just posted our first You Tube Movie: Angus, Ruby and Patron happy on water and grass

Solera Oso Libre

As many of you know our Hungarian barrel samples are available to our wine club members. Those of you who have been in our tasting room have seen these two dedicated barrels side by side.  Our beautiful Italian spigots have finally arrived and the barrels are filled with our unique estate wine blends. To start we will take a collection of our in barrel, fermented estate red wines from different vintages and 12 different varietals. We combine them into our two barrels. This process is known as Solera in Spanish. Each day we top off with one of our current aging vintage wines. Over time the combined wines will be a combination of many years of different vintages and varietals. In the future we hope to use one of the barrels for our version of a variety of Sherry called Oloroso, which means "scented" in Spanish. This is a fortified sweet, deep, rich dessert wine made up of a collection of many different vintages. It undergoes oxidative aging making it darker and stronger over time. The object is to drink it before it can only be used on pancakes!