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Oso Libre Wins 6 Medals at the 2011 Grand Harvest Awards.

Truly one of a kind! What sets Grand Harvest Awards apart from the rest? One word...terroir.

Established in 1990, it is the only wine-judging event in North America that is based on terroir - a group of vineyards (or even vines) from the same region, belonging to a specific appellation, and sharing the same type of soil, weather conditions, grapes and wine making savoir-faire, which contribute to give its specific personality to the wine.

In other competitions, this factor is ignored. At the Grand Harvest, judges taste wines with other wines of the same appellation. Thus, with cross-regional competition removed, the inherent quality of wines can be seen without the influences that sometimes eclipse even a wine of very high quality.

All wines are judged in the context of their viticultural region in order to accomplish two things: greater sensitivity to the complexities and nuances of regional wines and also to measure the influence of regional soil and weather characteristics on the taste and quality of individual wines.


Oso Libre Winery, 09 Volado, Pomar Junction
Oso Libre Winery, 09 Vino D'Oro, Abernathy
Oso Libre Winery, 08 Carnal
Oso Libre Winery, 08 Osezno


Oso Libre Winery, 08 Nativo, Oso Libre
Oso Libre Winery, 08 Primoroso

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