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Solera Oso Libre

As many of you know our Hungarian barrel samples are available to our wine club members. Those of you who have been in our tasting room have seen these two dedicated barrels side by side.  Our beautiful Italian spigots have finally arrived and the barrels are filled with our unique estate wine blends. To start we will take a collection of our in barrel, fermented estate red wines from different vintages and 12 different varietals. We combine them into our two barrels. This process is known as Solera in Spanish. Each day we top off with one of our current aging vintage wines. Over time the combined wines will be a combination of many years of different vintages and varietals. In the future we hope to use one of the barrels for our version of a variety of Sherry called Oloroso, which means "scented" in Spanish. This is a fortified sweet, deep, rich dessert wine made up of a collection of many different vintages. It undergoes oxidative aging making it darker and stronger over time. The object is to drink it before it can only be used on pancakes!    

Tito Paredes