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In conjunction with our vineyards and winery, Oso Libre is a traditional San Luis Obispo County Cattle ranch. 

The feedback about the quality of our Pasture Raised Estate Beef has been tremendous and the success of the program further enables our 'whole farm', sustainable family business. Our 65 acres of available pasture allow us to harvest between 5 and 8 steers per year so the packaged cuts are designed to be equal for each beef club member.

Oso Libre beef is raised with exacting standards: no Hormones, no Feedlot, no Corn and no Stress. Our steers are grass-fed in open pastures and vineyards enjoying free-range grasses, legumes and water from flowing creeks. The secret to our beef is that it is not just grass-fed. We take the extra steps with a 4-way finishing regimen by feeding with beer brewers mash, wheat, oats, barley and molasses for 75 to 90 days. The beef is then aged 18 to 21 days before harvest. Our butcher tells us that the quality of our beef exceeds the USDA Prime requirements and we are extremely proud of it.


Oso Libre Black Angus Beef Club

The U.S.D.A. Certified Estate Angus Beef Packages

We have designed our beef club to be enjoyable and diverse in its contents. It has everything for the beef lover. Our butcher is a meticulous beef artist and the resulting packaged cuts quality is remarkable.  Each member will receive 1 package, which is 16+ pounds.  

Each package is priced at $18.50 per pound for $296.  You may pick-up your beef here in the Tasting Room. Please bring an ice chest or we can pack for you in our insulated box for $12. You may also have it shipped on dry ice.

Shipping is $50, Next Day-FedEX or GSO.  We are only able to ship beef within California. 

Each package may contain approximately (packs will vary):

16 .lbs of: 

•    Filet Mignon
•    Ribeye Steak
•    NY Steak
•    Flat Iron Steak
•    Inside or Outside Skirt Steak 

•    1- Top Sirloin Steak
•    1 pack - Sausage Links
•    2 lbs - Chorizo
•    3 lbs - Ground Steak                 

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We are able to ship approximately 100 shipments per year.  Once your name is added to our Beef Club wait list, you will be able to receive a beef allotment as your turn approaches.  You will be notified by email to confirm that you want the beef delivered and to give you shipping information.   You may also pick it up at the Tasting Room.  Remember that you must be prepared to accept frozen beef that must be placed into a freezer shortly after delivery. Beef Club members will be contacted numerous times to confirm delivery. Oso Libre is NOT responsible for spoiled beef due to customer neglect.