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Hotel Rate Discounts

Hotel Rate Discounts

 Along with many other perks, our club members are able to secure discounted rates for our partner hotels.
Discounts are applicable to the Rack Rate, which is the advertised price of a hotel room. When booking directly with the hotel, mention your Oso Libre Wine Club Membership to receive the discount. 

Paso Robles Tasting Room

Rate Details

  • The Allegretto Vineyard Resort - Use code “OSOL” under corporate codes when booking.
  • Hotel Cheval  - 10% off Sunday through Thursday
  • Hampton Inn & Suites Paso Robles - 12% off the rack rate. Reach out to jeanine@osolibre for our Client ID.
  • Courtyard by Marriott - 10% off using our unique code. Reach out to for our code.
  • Stables Inn - 10% off Sunday through Thursday
  • Lekai Ranch - 10% off (if you book direct)
  • “Stay on the Vineyard” Bed & Breakfast - Discount when booked directly