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The Oso Libre Wine Club

We produce very limited quantities of premium wine. The enjoyment of our wines by our ‘Free Bear Cub’ members is our primary goal as a winery.  As a ‘Wine Cub’ member, your availability to our wines is ensured along with many other value added benefits, events and unique opportunities. Wine Club members also have the unique opportunity to become members of our Estate Angus Beef Club.



Twice yearly- spring & fall

  • Acero:  20% Discount - 4 bottles per shipment for 8 bottles per year total - Approx. $165 to $185 per

  • Bronce: 30% Discount - 6 bottles per shipment for 12 bottles per year total - Approx. $215 to $235 per

  • Plata:    35% Discount - 9 bottles per shipment for 18 bottles per year total - Approx. $320 to $340 per

three times yearly- winter, spring & fall

  • Oro:    40% Discount - 12 bottles per shipment for 3 cases per year total - Approx. $430 to $450 per

  • Más:   An optional third shipment in February for Acero, Bronce and Plata members.

benefits & DETAILS

  • Membership is free to join

  • Complimentary wine tasting for four at the Tasting Room

  • Shipping is INCLUDED for 1-cent in CA & NV (see Shipping Policies)

  • 15% Discount on all Oso Libre Logo merchandise (10% for Acero)

  • First availability to newly released, members only and limited reserved wines

  • Invitation to exclusive barrel tasting and wine blending events

  • Reservations available for Estate Burger BBQ days

  • Tasting room available by reservation for parties and events

  • Subscription to our Wine ‘Cub’ newsletter

  • Members receive advance email notice of upcoming shipments as well as a tracking number when their package ships

  • Wines are shipped next-day ground in CA, limiting the exposure of the wines to heat and shock

  • Shipment is made in sturdy, insulated recyclable pulp packing containers, ensuring that your wine arrives safely

  • Temperatures can be high anytime of the year in CA. We do not ship on excessively hot days and we will wait to ship your wine until the temperature is more moderate

Wine Club also makes a wonderful gift and we can help make it easy to give! Call to arrange.