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A Note About Wine Quality

In an effort to offer only the highest quality and mature products, many of our wines are aged naturally both in barrel and in bottle.  Some wines are released many months or even years after barreling and bottling.  During the bottle aging process, a wine will change and may produce natural derivatives.  These derivatives may include fine sediment and in some wines, tartrate crystals.  These crystals may look like sand particles and may be found on top of a cork or in the bottom of your glass after pouring.  They are completely harmless and are simply a function of the natural tartaric acid components of the wine falling out in solid form after a wine has been aged in a cool environment.  Our white wines are cold stabilized to prevent this natural occurrence, but this effect may be seen in some red wines which are not cold stabilized.  Neither sediment nor tartrate will effect the flavor of the wine.  We recommend decanting our extended aged wines prior to serving.  Decanting will mitigate the appearance of sediment and better prepare the wine for drinking.

Spoilage is a separate issue.  Because our wine is a completely natural product, it is likely that a small number of bottles for any given wine may experience spoilage.  This is most often due to cork failure.  A wine can spoil if a cork is not air tight or breaks down for various reasons.  At Oso Libre, we use M.A. Silva cork products which come directly from heritage Cork Oak forests in Portugal.  M.A. Silva is a premium cork supplier dedicated to quality and we choose only the top grade cork offerings for our wines.

With this said, if you receive a spoiled wine, or if you are not comfortable with aging derivatives, please do not hesitate to contact us about the issue as we are more than willing to hear your concerns.  We understand that wine is a premium product and must be presented and enjoyed as such.  Your satisfaction and gratification are our primary goal, so any unacceptable wine can be returned and replaced at no charge.